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Using contact lenses to treat presbyopia

There are many medical issues that come along continuously as you age. One of them is poor vision. As you age, your eye lens becomes harder. This makes it hard for the lens to adjust to concentrate on different objects that are at different distances from the eye.

Poor vision thanks to age factor is known as presbyopia. Though presbyopia is inevitable, it can be corrected for sure. There are essentially 3 kinds of coloured contacts available : visibility tints ( not used for changing the color of your eye, only to help in seeing the lens ), enhancement tints or single-layer lenses, and opaque color tints or dual-layer lenses. Most providers of coloured contacts can offer the lenses in a prescription or non-prescription variety.
Let us have a look at some of the common options as regards contact lenses that you can put to use for treating presbyopia. One of the common kinds of contacts used in treating presbyopia is swapping bifocal contact lenses. These lenses are roughly similar in nature to normal bifocal glasses. In swapping bifocal contacts, there are 2 different powers on the same lens.

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So your pupil keeps on swapping between the 2 powers when you look upward or downward. One more class of contact lenses that is employed by the aged to rectify vision issues is that of concurrent bifocal contact lenses. These lenses also have 2 powers on each lens. Unlike bifocal contacts where pupils move, here the 2 powers are blended. The eye decides which power it desires relying on the distance being viewed.

The look of these lenses is much the same as progressive bifocal contacts. Monovision contact lenses are another sort of contacts that may be used to rectify presbyopia. Here in, a lens that is used to see distant object is fitted in the dominant eye. Where as the non dominant eye is fitted with a lens that is used to see nearby objects. You can simply select any of these options relying on your wants and wants.


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